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Procafecol S.A. was born in 2002 with the aim of generating value-added businesses for coffee growers as well as its Juan Valdez® brand, which is divided into four business lines: speciality stores, department stores, the institutional channel and the ecommerce portal.

Our relationship with the Colombian coffee growers varies in many ways: The recognition of the quality of their coffee through the payment of a premium for quality; the positioning of Colombian coffee in the world; and last but not least is the permanent commitment to generate value for the National Coffee Fund (FoNC) for the generation of public goods and the Sustainability in Action® projects of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation.

Throughout the last ten years and with significant investments, we managed to form a synergistic team with knowledge and experience; We have more than 300 stores operating in Colombia and more than 100 in the world, being leaders in the category of department stores. Premium Colombian Coffee Juan Valdez positions us as the most recognized and admired brand in our country, consolidating our expansion model to new markets in the world.

Mission / Purpose

We captivate the world with premium Colombian coffees, generating value for Colombian coffee growers.

Vision / Ambition

To be the most recognized Colombian brand in the world, for its healthy growth and its sustainable impact.

Strategic Objective

Generate shared value for coffee growers, collaborators, consumers, shareholders, and business partners.

Passion for talent.

We are open to give and receive timely feedback. We empower and recognize others, being an example of the implementation of our values.

Entrepreneurial attitude.

We constantly look for opportunities for improvement, and propose ideas to solve problems. We make things happen.


We make decisions in a timely manner for the benefit of the client. We adapt and learn quickly, looking for practical solutions to add value.


We believe in open communication and sharing information to make good decisions. We value knowledge of different practices to make better decisions.

Results oriented.

We believe in looking for challenging goals and in achieving objectives taking care of our own well-being and that of others. We like to plan and prioritize to achieve results.

The values that guide us:


Beyond being or not being Colombian, it is the identity and the pride of believing and living the most positive elements that characterize Colombians: Passion for what we do, kindness, spontaneity and sincerity, hospitality, creativity, drive and hard work.


Direct all our actions attached to honesty, truth, justice and cooperation, both in dealing with others and with ourselves. It is doing the right thing, even without anyone seeing us, and not doing the wrong thing even if everyone does it.


A permanent attitude of collaboration, looking for opportunities to create memorable moments that brighten the lives of other people. At Juan Valdez Café, service is expressed through quality, experience, and connection to our purpose.

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