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Mujeres Cafeteras

The decision of our coffee women to write a new story, today is a coffee that exalts their effort, passion and commitment to build a better country.

With our Mujeres Cafeteras program, we have been working for the economic and social empowerment of women coffee producers, so that through gender equality we can achieve a better future for their families, their communities and in general for the Colombian countryside.






“Our decision to move our families and our community forward.” – MARCELLY CAÑÓN Y YENI GARCÍA-

“We decided to produce our best coffee for the world.” – YASMIN MONTAÑO-

"Our decision to write a new story." – L U Z B E LT R Á N –

Our program seeks to make visible the importance of approximately

22 K 



They represent 30% of coffee producers in Colombia.


Mujeres Cafeteras

Cultivated and harvested by the hands of coffee women, who from the field fill our coffee plantations with love and pride.

Order your coffee and become a part of

the decision-making of our Mujeres Cafeteras,

as they write a new story in the Colombian countryside.

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